Basic Bible Study

The Bible

Understanding the Bible

Is the Bible Sufficient?

Can We Understand the Bible?

Can We Follow the Bible Only?

Is Doctrine Important

What Must I Do to be Saved?

How to Become A Christian

What is a Christian?

The Old and New Law

Faith and Works Equal Salvation

Faith in the Book of James

Water Baptism is Essential to Salvation

Repentance and Faith

God Requires More Than Sincerity

Special Revelations

Doctrinal Studies

Infant Baptism

Topical Studies


The Drug Problem and Our Children

Why Drugs?

What We Need to Know About Drugs

Subtle Contributions to Drug Use

Overcoming Drug Abuse and Addiction

Denominational Studies


What is Mormonism?

Sacred Books of Mormonism

Book of Mormon and Mormon Doctrines

The Flaw in the Plot of the Book of Mormon

False Prophecies of Joseph Smith, Jr.

False Prophecies About Zion

Baptism for the Dead – A Mormon Hallmark

Changes in Mormon Revelations

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Origins and Errors


View of Jesus

Deity of Jesus

Jesus – Not a Created Being

Second Coming of Christ

New Heaven and Earth

Blood Transfusions


Holy Ghost Baptism I

Holy Ghost Baptism II

Holy Ghost Baptism III

Holy Ghost Baptism IV

Holy Ghost Baptism V

Miraculous Healing Today – A Fraud

Miraculous Healing and the Atonement

Historical Data on Tongue Speaking

“Faith” or “Fake” Healing?

Miraculous Healing Then and Now

Historical Data on Pentecostals

Baptism in Jesus Name

God and Oneness

The Formula for Water Baptism

Consequences of Oneness Pentecostal Doctrine


Total Hereditary Depravity

Inherited Depravity and its Fruit

Refuting the Total Depravity Arguments

Direct Operation of the Holy Spirit

The Truth about Imputed Righteousness